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We've gathered together endorsements from environmental, progressive, and civil rights organizations.

Not funded nor associated with any of the organizations whose endorsements appear here.
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None of the organizations whose endorsements appear here are connected to Vote 99%.
Vote 99% was developed independently by Karen Chun as a community service without
involvement or funding from any organization.

Please report any errors or suggestions for improvement here.

We've combed the Internet for Environmental and Progressive endorsements. We try to be as accurate as possible. If you know of any endorsements we've missed, you can be part of this project and tell us about them. We've made it easy to submit corrections and strive to keep the information updated.

Check out our Android Phone App in Google Play. All you have to do is run it one time and it captures the information and saves it to your phone. That way, when you are in the voting booth and don't have access to the internet, you can whip out your phone and still be able to see which candidates have been endorsed.

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Karen Chun made Vote 99% as a labor of love.

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